Introductory half price hour

Are you considering having a Virtual Assistant on call?

As an introductory offer, we’ll give you the first hour half price!

Regular cost per hour is £25, you pay £12.50 and you don’t have to worry about further commitments, subscriptions etc.

If you want to carry on after the initial hour, great!

If not, that’s fine, we won’t pester you.

  1. Fill in the form with details of the task(s) to be completed and how we can contact you.
  2. Click on the “Add to Cart” button to pay the £12.50 i.e. 50% off from regular cost
  3. We’ll get in touch asap
  4. Task gets done! If there’s time left over, I’m sure you can think of other projects…

Click on the button to submit your payment – No need for Paypal Account, just scroll to the bottom of page to “Pay with debit/credit card”