Get online & save on fixed Broadband – Tethering is the key

I just heard of the outrageous bill from a Broadband & Landline provider for very moderate use indeed.

If  you really don’t need a landline OR simply want to get online with your PC/Mac while on the road, tethering might well save you a fair amount!

Have a look at your current invoices if they have detailed how much data you use per month. GiffGaff for instance has very reasonable rates – check here.

Here’s how Tethering works:

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Look for Tethering or Personal HotSpot
  • Switch Tethering / HotSpot on – this creates a wifi-network for you to connect to
  • On the same page you should see the name of the Wifi-network or AccessPoint name you’ve just turned on.
  • You’ll also see the Password for the HotSpot
  • Go to your computer, select wifi settings, select the name of the network
  • Put in the password
  • All set! Surf away!