Syncing Dropbox

Client keeps getting emails from Dropbox saying that the quota is full. I checked the online version, which showed that the box wasn’t full. I sent screenshot instructions for syncing the desktop version.

Social Media Training

Client is new to Facebook, I taught them about scheduling posts tags changing event images call-to-action  

WordPress Security

Added security plugin onto client’s WordPress site Backed up the site (inc database) Downloaded the backup and sent it to the client Updated plugins and themes Made sure alerts of security threats come through to myself to be dealt with asap

Travel Arrangements

Client M needs to fly¬†from Madrid to London, take the Gatwick Express to London Victoria and return from Liverpool to Madrid. I made the travel arrangements with seat selection and speedy boarding, checked the client in for the flights and delivered boarding passes to them. Client A is fed up with flying and would like a relaxed train journey instead. …

Word Doc – Adding Links

How To Put Links In Your Word Document Let’s say you’ve written a great article and would like to give your reader the chance to find out where your business is located by giving them the web address to Google maps. “We are located in Finchley, London” You could of course just copy the whole address into the article but …